USFQ Robotics Club

Date: 2002-2006
Role: Founder, Instructor

Along with Carlos Montesinos and some other colleagues we started the Robotics Club at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito. As part of my scholarship in that university, I had to develop a yearly research project. The first year I created a simple line-follower robot using a custom integrated circuit with a pair of capacitors, transistors and a pair of light sensors. There was when I met Carlos. For the next year, we had started the robotics club and, with help of the university, we bought a couple of Lego Mindstorms kit and started creating more advanced robots. The team grew larger and we usually had from 5 to 8 people working continuously on different robots for their annual projects. I worked there as an instructor helping others with their projects and also giving some programming and electronic classes. This grew larger and by the time I was graduating, there was already a full fledged robotics lab with tons of equipments and a new international professor hired specially for giving robotics classes for engineering students.

Technology used: Mindstorms SDK, LeJOS, and others