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Some of the projects I’ve worked on (pdf version):

Car Footprints Adapter

Date: 2014-present Role: Tech lead, Developer This was the first time I worked with a custom hardware device that is going to be mass produced. The main idea of the project is to log a car’s mileage automatically, and let the user export this log for tax or business purposes. With a very tight schedule […]

Quito 2023

Date: 2009-present Role: Director, Executive Producer and others This has been the most ambitious project I’ve worked so far. Quito 2023 is a sci-fi feature film (86 min.) that was produced in Quito, Ecuador from 2009 to 2014. Together with the producer and the writer, we envisioned the project and worked with a crew of […]


Date: 2015 Role: Developer Ciclograma is a game where you have to create a cycle using the provided points. Each board may have more than one solution. It’s currently on production and will be published in Q1 2015. Technology used: Gradle, Java, Swing, Android


Date: 2014 Role: Developer A simple game I made using LibGDX coded in groovy using RxJava. Juggler is a game where you have to keep a ball in the air for as long as possible. Tap to rotate the square colors to match the color of top side of the square with the color of […]

World Cup Caos

Date: 2014 Role: Developer A pixelated, choose your own adventure game, based on the Space Date game. It’s made using Flambe. When the unexplainable happens: a massive blackout during a World Cup game leaves the city baffled. What is the reason? How do you get out of this situation? Who won the game? What will […]

A piece of land surrounded by stories

Date: 2011 Role: Director This is a documentary that I directed in Florian√≥polis, Brazil. Floripa (as it’s colloquially known) is an island well known as a tourist destination in Brazil. We wanted to show how much innovation was happening on the island, and that there’s much more to Floripa than beautiful beaches and tourist attractions. […]

Siebel Center Grand Opening – BFG (Big Fun Game)

Date: Spring 2004 Role: Developer, Team lead Along with a group of colleagues we developed a fully immersive, multi disciplinary game concept for the opening of the Siebel Center at UIUC in 2004. I was part of the Command Center team. There we created a software using c++ with Ogre that displayed a 3d world […]

USFQ Robotics Club

Date: 2002-2006 Role: Founder, Instructor Along with Carlos Montesinos and some other colleagues we started the Robotics Club at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito. As part of my scholarship in that university, I had to develop a yearly research project. The first year I created a simple line-follower robot using a custom integrated circuit […]

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