Project Portfolio

Some of the projects I’ve worked on (pdf version):

Social Distancing Christmas

Date: 2020-2021 Role: Game Developer During the 2020 pandemic, in Christmas, we developed some video games for shopping malls. Because of social distancing rules, people couldn’t use any controller or touch any surface. We devised a solution that consisted on having the game screen on the wall and letting users control the game using their […]

Deadly Burrito

Date: 2017-2018 Role: Game Developer This has been the largest game I’ve ever worked on. I was tasked on creating most of the core game systems, game mechanics and interactions, including the game menu, loading and unloading of the levels, teleport system, grabbing system, sound mixing, music layering and weapon systems. I also collaborated in […]

Car Footprints Adapter

Date: 2014-present Role: Tech lead, Developer This was the first time I worked with a custom hardware device that is going to be mass produced. The main idea of the project is to log a car’s mileage automatically, and let the user export this log for tax or business purposes. With a very tight schedule […]

Quito 2023

Date: 2009-2017 Role: Director, Executive Producer and others This has been the most ambitious project I’ve worked so far. Quito 2023 is a sci-fi feature film (86 min.) that was produced in Quito, Ecuador from 2009 to 2014. Together with the producer and the writer, we envisioned the project and worked with a crew of […]


Date: 2015 Role: Developer Ciclograma is a game where you have to create a cycle using the provided points. Each board may have more than one solution. It’s currently on production and will be published in Q1 2015. Technology used: Gradle, Java, Swing, Android


Date: 2014 Role: Developer A simple game I made using LibGDX coded in groovy using RxJava. Juggler is a game where you have to keep a ball in the air for as long as possible. Tap to rotate the square colors to match the color of top side of the square with the color of […]

World Cup Caos

Date: 2014 Role: Developer A pixelated, choose your own adventure game, based on the Space Date game. It’s made using Flambe. When the unexplainable happens: a massive blackout during a World Cup game leaves the city baffled. What is the reason? How do you get out of this situation? Who won the game? What will […]

A piece of land surrounded by stories

Date: 2011 Role: Director This is a documentary that I directed in Florian√≥polis, Brazil. Floripa (as it’s colloquially known) is an island well known as a tourist destination in Brazil. We wanted to show how much innovation was happening on the island, and that there’s much more to Floripa than beautiful beaches and tourist attractions. […]

Siebel Center Grand Opening – BFG (Big Fun Game)

Date: Spring 2004 Role: Developer, Team lead Along with a group of colleagues we developed a fully immersive, multi disciplinary game concept for the opening of the Siebel Center at UIUC in 2004. I was part of the Command Center team. There we created a software using c++ with Ogre that displayed a 3d world […]

USFQ Robotics Club

Date: 2002-2006 Role: Founder, Instructor Along with Carlos Montesinos and some other colleagues we started the Robotics Club at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito. As part of my scholarship in that university, I had to develop a yearly research project. The first year I created a simple line-follower robot using a custom integrated circuit […]

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