I’m César Izurieta, a software developer / movie director / musician / human being 🙂 .

Passionate for science fiction and trying to get a little bit closer to what has been imagined by many to be the future. I believe that we humans have the potential to control our lives, and one of those areas is the technological one. I enjoy developing solutions, researching hard problems and launching software and projects to solve those problems and to help people and companies to reach their goals, while entertaining them on their way there. I have a passion for clean and lean code, and not only making software work but making it maintainable and long lasting. One of the best things is to do this with friends and combine it with a touch of creativity and good humor. Movie making is not far from software development. Well, not as far as it may seem. In both, I like to get a group of people together, with a clear objective in mind and organize every aspect to the last point.

See also my (one page) Resume and my Project Porfolio.