Siebel Center Grand Opening – BFG (Big Fun Game)

Date: Spring 2004
Role: Developer, Team lead

Along with a group of colleagues we developed a fully immersive, multi disciplinary game concept for the opening of the Siebel Center at UIUC in 2004. I was part of the Command Center team. There we created a software using c++ with Ogre that displayed a 3d world that mirrored the real building, where the actual human players, that wore a radio tag, where located. We connected to the “central server” and continuously poll for the coordinates of the players and display an avatar on the screen on the position of the player. All the information of the game was shared with the other teams, that made dynamic music depending on the game’s score, lighting that adapted to the different phases of the game, and also we coupled all these with custom made scenery and wardrobe.

Technology used: Ogre3d, C++


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